75+ Funny Wi-Fi Names for Your Router SSID | Best Wi-Fi Names

Are you searching for the best Wi-Fi Names for Your Router SSID? Then you are in the right place, here we share 75+ Funny Wi-Fi Names for Your Router SSID.  Most of the people have the internet connection at their home and offices then Choosing the best and funny Wi-Fi SSID name can be more attractive. Still, confuse which Wi-Fi SSID name to choose for your home or office router. Don’t worry Here we share lots of unique and funny Wi-Fi names for you. Let’s check

Funny Wi-Fi Names for Your Router SSID

75+ Best & Funny Wi-Fi Names for Your Router SSID

Best WiFi Names is very hard to find, even the internet can make you confused in selecting the best one for your router. All of your neighbors will get shocked after reading your WiFi Router name, this is Our guarantee. We all love to use Best WiFi Names for our router. So Many, people searched on Google for it what they got is amazing. So in this article, we share the most popular and amazing Wifi Routers name.

best Wi-Fi Names

Best Wifi names for your wifi Router SSID

  • Network error
  • Tsunami
  • Celeb wifi
  • Searching…
  • You Pay Now
  • Ransomware available
  • do you want cex?
  • Don’t Snoop
  • you can’t
  • use your father wifi
  • No Wifi Network Found In Your Area
  • Get Off my lawn
  • Last night I saw you n*ked
  • The Next Door
  • 1 Gbps wifi
  • Virus Infected WiFi
  • Give me Credit card details
  • Click to Continue
  • Hackers available
  • FBI van
  • Wifi Express

Best Funny Wi-Fi Router SSID Names 2018 Edition:-

Lot’s of websites provide best and funny wifi routers SSID names but here we share only a unique one. Let’s check other best funny wifi names for your Home/Office routers. Also Read:- Create Cool Instagram Bio.

  1. I don’t like Gang Ban
  2. Go & Take Money From Your Dad
  3. Password is Password
  4. Le Le Bhikhari
  5. Protected CeX
  6. UnProtected CeX
  7. I’m watching
  8. For P*rn Use Only
  9. Prohibited Area
  10. Top secret network
  11. Look Ma, No Wires!
  12. Free for 1 day
  13. Free for $10.
  14. Come and clean up my house
  15. Use at your own risk
  16. Series of Tubes
  17. Don’t use hackers wifi
  18. Drop it like its Hotspot
  19. Very Fast internet, huh
  20. Pick up my dog shit
  21. C:Virus.exe
  22. Another virus Found.
  23. I Love you my wifi
  24. Hack If You Can
  25. No Wi-Fi For You

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Cool Wifi Names For Your Wifi Routers 2018 Edition:-

  • It’s Not Paid By Your Dad
  • Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  • Text ***-#### for Password
  • 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  • Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  • Pay $1 Per Hour
  • Welcome to the Internet
  • Use Aircrack-Ng
  • kali Linux is the best tool to get a password
  • No Device Found

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Router Name (Network SSID) step by step Guide

Funny Wi-Fi Names

Once you’ve picked a wifi name for your router from our best wifi router name list. Now you actually have to change a setting on your router to make that name come to your real life. Most of the wifi user use Dlink and Tp-link Router. Here we share how you can change your router SSID step by step guide.

How to change Tp-Link Router SSID step by step guide:-

First of all, Connect your router to your computer and open chrome or any other web browser and type Default Gateway Ip Adress into the address bar. The tp-link Default gateway Ip is

Then type Default username and Password and click to log in. Tp-link default username and password is “admin”. After login click on wireless and then wireless settings. then change wireless network name. then click on save.

best Wi-Fi Names

How to change D-Link Router SSID step by step guide:-

Like tp-link Router first of all open Dlink router gateway IP and type on your Web browser address bar. D-link router default gateway IP address is

best Wi-Fi Names

Then enter username “Admin” and then click on the login button. After login click on the wireless tab and change your wifi router name and click on save.


I know you like this funny wi-fi names list for your router SSID. Now it’s your turn which SSID you want to try in your router let me know by leaving a quick comment. Thank You.

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